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I am Shahid Piracha a Qualified Nutritionistmy passion is to promote fitness, health and well-being to as many people as possible.(click to see Advanced Diploma level 5 Nutritional Studies)

In the United Kingdom there may be more than 12 million adults and 1 million children classed as obese by 2010 if no action is taken to improve the nation’s health. This information is provided by the Health Survey for England.

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Obesity is defined by an individual having a Body Mass Index or BMI higher than 30.For an adult diagnosed with obesity or an overweight adult looking to lose weight quickly as possible or lose weight fast, the following diet suggestions may be offered:Cut Portion Sizes.

When you need to lose weight there’s little point trying to make dramatic changes to your diet overnight. It’s not so much about what you eat but how much you eat in the early stages.

Dramatic changes amount to crash dieting and won’t be sustainable.

Cutting portions is a small but effective change for the early stages, producing results that will themselves encourage your you to make more dramatic changes to their diet as they begin to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Replace Unhealthy Food Choices With Healthier Choices.

Instead of eating fried foods, which have relatively high fat content, try to eat portions of grilled or baked meat and fish and to trim all visible fat from meat.

Rather than going out to eat (and eating things like hamburgers, Chinese food, and pizza), try to create family cooking times or suggest meals that can be whipped up in five to ten minutes.

Eat Fruit And Vegetable Servings To Replace Snacks And High-fat, High Calorie Foods.

A person recovering from obesity, on their way to reaching a healthy BMI, should be advised to cut out high-calorie foods that have little or no nutritional value such as chocolate, ice cream, sweets, biscuits, cake, etc. Obviously, these foods can be eaten sporadically but the most effective way to maintain weight loss is to re-program yourself to avoid these foods. Control is a lot easier to maintain when the temptation is removed all together!

Replace Juice And Fizzy Drinks With Water.

Gradually Introduce A Light To Moderate Exercise Regime

Exercise will help to sustain weight loss and control weight in the future through muscle mass.

Weight Loss Tablets have beeen known to help many people lose weight fast or faster as part of active healthy lifestyle, but they are not the “magic pill” so to speak. But most of the ones we do have mostly natural concentrated ingredients and nutrition difficult to get from diet alone on a daily basis.

Easier said than Done I here you say!

The Main Barriers

Does a healthy balanced diet cost too much for most people?

How many People Have The Time to Cook Healthy Meals at regular times?

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