Health Wealth Lifestyle

Hi, I recently came across a fantastic book on an easy way of getting a Health Wealth Lifestyle and I would life to share some of it with you.

“ To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear “

–        Buddha

Lifestyle Must Come First…

I have designed 8 Lifestyle Principles for you & presented them in a specific order inside of HealthWealth.

The order of HealthWealth is deliberate, with the implementation of 8 Lifestyle principles being first in line.

The reason for this is simple; if you do not have your Lifestyle organised then nothing can flourish as a result.

The chaos will consume your efforts.

The First 8 Principles…

–        Remove blockages that could stand in the way of your success

–        Create a foundation for the forthcoming principles

–        Enhance your chance of success by priming your key daily assets of

 …gifting you the ‘midas touch’, where everything you are involved in turns to ‘gold’.


The Benefit of a Principle…

To follow is a very brief overview of each principle.

Lets talk about them one at a time so that you can quickly & easily take the knowledge on board & begin to benefit instantly.

‘When a person aligns themselves with a principle or the truth they become mighty’


Think about this for a moment…

‘ Are there specific principles that you can live by that ensure your long-term success in every area of your life? ‘

I suggest that there most definitely are.

It appears that not many people are aware of this truth, but you can be…
& you can benefit massively from that knowledge.



Lifestyle Principle One (LP1)
1) I Control The Direction of My Day


Sometimes when you plan to go somewhere you look at a map.

What most people do when they want to go somewhere new in terms of their health, fitness & performance is take a shotgun approach.

They splatter a hole into the darkness, hoping that one of those pellets hit the mark.

Plan Your First Step…

LP1 is about talking a fraction of time to plan your destination – before you take your first step toward it.

Picture your day ahead before it happens.

Think about the most perfect outcome before you go into your next meeting, or meet someone new, or have your next workout.

Take twenty seconds to vividly create the most accurate, stunning outcome that you can possibly imagine in your minds eye.

Next time you are about to meet, get involved in, have a conversation or do anything you care about, ask yourself this question;
What is the most perfect outcome?

Then take the time to picture that outcome in your mind.
Allow yourself to feel the pleasure of the perfect outcome before it happens.

You can use this technique for anything; business meetings, phone conversations, responses to an email that you are writing, face-to-face meetings with a new acquaintance, etc.


Balance Well Planned…

This is about balance. Finding the right balance for you. Look ahead through your day, your week, your month & even your year.


Even if that plan is a simple mapping of scenarios in your mind.
Sometimes that can be good enough.

This is one simple technique that I’d like you to start using today.

It’s so subtle yet so powerful I know you’ll see an immediate response as soon as you apply it.

Try it out right now.


Compact Unpacked…

This was the most compact way I could deliver this section to you.

For the full unpacked explanation with all the details & loads more tips & tricks you’ll have to read the first chapter of HealthWealth.