Heart Health

Heart Health Supplements
Your health is arguably your greatest asset. What's more, your heart is at the top of the list of critical organs that are central to long-term health and well-being. In constant use and easily placed under strain by, for example, poor diet, excess weight and lack of exercise, it is important to care for our hearts and support their function.


60 gelatine capsules (1000mg): A balanced blend of these beneficial oils

60 marine gelatine capsules (500mg): A pure source of Omega 3 and astaxanthin
£18.96 £15.96

100 capsules: Concentrated antioxidant formula
£19.98 £16.98

100 capsules: Organic alkalising and detox formula
£21.98 £18.98

60 capsules: Food form vitamin C
£14.99 £11.58
MaxNourish organic capsules

100 capsules: Organic multi-nutrient superfood supplement
£19.98 £16.98

300g powder: 100% organic superfoods combination

100 capsules: A multi-fibre nutritional formula NOTE: The capsule number has been reduced from 120 to 100 as from 8th October 2015 (and th
£15.50 £11.50
Cherry Beet Capsules

60 capsules: Montmorency cherry and beetroot formula
£16.98 £13.98