Health Foods

Health Foods
Most people now recognise that there is a direct link between diet and health. Poor eating habits and the fact that fresh produce no longer contains the nutrients that it once did (for example because of soil quality, processing, transportation and long-term storage) have led to the average diet lacking in many essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.


500g powder: High quality protein with added phyto-nutrients
£29.99 £16.50
meal time vanilla shake

300g powder: Dairy and gluten-free meal shake (vanilla flavour)
£16.30 £14.30

100 capsules: Concentrated antioxidant formula
£19.98 £16.98
MaxNourish organic capsules

100 capsules: Organic multi-nutrient superfood supplement
£19.98 £16.98

60 capsules: For healthy liver and gallbladder support
HempPro Powder

500g powder: Plant protein from hemp PLUS 15 superfoods
£19.50 £16.50

300g powder: 100% organic superfoods combination

100 capsules: A multi-fibre nutritional formula NOTE: The capsule number has been reduced from 120 to 100 as from 8th October 2015 (and th
£15.50 £11.50