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Abdominal obesity, also known as central obesity, is something
that many people worldwide have problems with. Once you hit
middle age, far too many people are plagued by those two
dreaded words…belly fat. It can, however, also be a problem for
children and teens.
People just look at it as a weight problem, but it can also be linked
to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other
metabolic and vascular diseases.
Though no one likes belly fat, too often it is overlooked as just a
symptom of age. It can, however, be a symptom of much, much
more. It is not something you should just consider the price of
getting older. It is something that should be taken seriously.
What is Belly Fat?
Usually, belly fat is subcutaneous fat, which is underneath the skin.
If you have problems with abdominal fat, it may also be visceral
fat. This is also known as organ fat that is packed between your
internal organs. This is also known as the “pot belly” or the “beer
belly.” It is associated with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular
disease, and colorectal cancer.
In recent studies, scientists have come to realize that it isn’t really
how much a person weighs—It’s their amount of body fat that truly
indicates obesity.
Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s imaging techniques were
developed that helped improve the understanding of exactly how
many health risks can be associated with the accumulation of body
fat. These include tomography and magnetic resonance which
help divide masses of tissue in the abdominal region.
For women, belly fat is more common after menopause.
Sometimes, those people who just think this goes hand-in-hand
with getting older, and don’t realize the danger it can cause. While
women feel like it is just something that makes them go up a size
in their jeans, it does carry health risks.
Like fat in any other area, it is determined by balancing your
calories you take in with the energy you burn. In other words, if
you eat too much and burn too little, you’ll have excess fat. As you
get older, your muscle mass reduces. Your fat, however,
increases. When your muscle mass reduces, it also reduces the
rate your body uses calories. This can make it even more difficult
for people to maintain a weight that is healthy as they age.
Sometimes, you can have an increase of belly fat as you age
without even gaining weight. In women, this can be due to a
reduced level of estrogen. Research has shown that estrogen
seems to influence where the fat is distributed in a woman’s body.
Regardless of a weight shown as normal on the BMI measurement
charts, women with a large waistline have been known to carry the
risk of premature death and often dye earlier of cardiovascular
Most women hate to even have an inch or so too much belly fat.
How do you know, however, if the belly fat you carry is a health
risk? Just measure it. Use a tape measure and place it around
your bare stomach. You want it to be snug, but not cut into the
skin. For women, if your measurement is over 35 inches, you’ll be
at a greater risk for health problems. For men, the measurement
of concern is around 40 inches.
People who are plagued with belly fat often exercise and
participate in healthy activities, yet they still retain that unwanted
fat. It seems like the fat is immune to exercise. So how do you get
rid of it? What is the magic combination that says “poof” to that
extra poundage? It depends on your sex, age, and the amount of
pounds you want to lose, but there are many tips to help you
reduce that unwanted belly fat.
Benefits of Losing Weight
Losing weight isn’t always easy, and as a result, it can have a
negative effect on your self esteem. It is, however, important for
you to main the normal weight for more than cosmetic reasons.
You need to maintain the proper health for many health reasons.
In a society like ours, where people put such an importance on the
way we look, feeling unattractive can lead to serious depression.
While not all overweight people get depressed, some are, in fact,
quite happy the way they are, it can lead to serious emotional and
mental problems in addition to the other health problems.
It can be difficult to determine how much weight you need to lose
to be healthy. You should realize, however, that you don’t have to
lose weight if you’re not actually overweight. More important than
weight, is the amount of fat content you have in your body and
where that fat has accumulated. Sometimes, you have weight
gain because you’ve started working out and developed muscles.
Muscles are heavier than fat, so don’t be shocked if all that
exercise has reduced inches but increased weight. If this is the
case, there’s no problem at all and you don’t have to worry about
losing that weight.
While being too worried about our weight can be a problem too,
knowing you’re overweight and taking the steps to reduce that
weight is important. There are many benefits to losing weight.

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