Easy Alkaline Diet

Easy Alkaline Diet

If you are ready to improve your health, lose weight and change your life for the better, than this Quick Start Guide to the alkaline diet is the perfect place to begin!

This easy to follow book takes a comprehensive approach to understanding acid and alkaline foods and their effect on your body, with simple steps to identifying acidifying foods and the essential information to help you get started on a more alkaline diet!

By following the guidelines in this book you can lose weight, improve your health, feel great and unleash a healthier and happier you!

PLUS! Over 90 delicious alkaline friendly recipes!

– Learn how to eat a more alkaline diet!

– Lose weight, improve your health and feel great!

– Understand the effects of acidic foods on your body!

– Discover what you can eat and why!

– PLUS over 90 delicious alkaline friendly recipes!

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Easy Alkaline Diet Book

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